Huge fans of the game have taken the feud one step further, organizing gatherings of green or purple aliens in public to recreate some of the chaos they would create in the game or staging fights between bands of green and purple aliens. These players will dress up in body suits of their chosen side’s color, taking videos of the staged brawls and sharing them on YouTube, TikTok, and other places.

Those who aren’t meeting up in public instead are sharing their in-game brawls on the social platforms, staging the fights for views.

According to Polygon, the trend has divided players, and while the green alien group has a large following, the purple aliens are rapidly catching up. The green aliens have 14.2 million players, while the purple alien gang has 7.2 million members.

But the competition is getting heated between the groups as they continue to cause chaos — in the game and in person.

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