1. When your son gives you this look…

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Though the flowers may be ripped from your garden instead of from a shop, the sentiment remains the same. Just remember that when you’re cleaning up the mess.

2. The realest dog moms understood this message the first time.

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Even though we don’t speak the same language, we can always figure out what our pups want based on a simple bark.

3. Yes, I shall dress up my pupper to wish myself a happy Dog Mom Day. Thanks for the idea!

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A dog dressed up as a bee? Sign us up. 

4. There are MANY responsibilities when it comes to being a dog mom.

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A night out on the town with your friends sounds fun and all in theory, but what can really top staying in with your real best pal aka your dog? That’s right, nothing. 

5. If you have several “dependents,” all the more reason you should be wished a Happy Pet Mother’s Day!


6. I love you too, son. The best son I’ll probably ever have…


7. Just look at this adorable happy family celebrating their pink furry mom.

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8. Someone get me a microphone. Let’s scream this from the rooftops.

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9. It really is the thought that counts though!


10. I’m not sure if I believe you but once again I love the sentiment so you’re forgiven!

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11. OK stop it right now. Do all doggy daycares do this? Asking for a friend.

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12. It still counts, hun!

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In fact, it’s so much more important and rewarding than bringing a human up in today’s world.

13. But you can still have it both ways…

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As evidenced in this priceless side-by-side above.

14. Sorry, not sorry!

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Somebody grab some sunglasses for all that shade!

15. People who don’t have dogs will never understand the struggle.

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Happy Mother’s Day, dog moms AKA furry mamas! Send these to your friends and all the best to you, fur mamas! Hope your day is filled with slobber, paw prints, yummy treats, hugs and licks! 

Don’t let anyone tell you this day isn’t just as much yours as it is your mother’s!

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