From the beginning of the footage, it’s obvious that something terrible has happened to Ellie, though it isn’t clear just what yet. She’s shown making her way through the game on something of a rampage as she kills fellow humans who aren’t infected with the cordyceps fungus. Something absolutely abhorrent has happened, and Ellie has become much more rage-filled and prone to violence than she used to be. We see her opening fire from a vehicle. Another vehicle is in pursuit of her location later on.

It’s difficult to know whether the content in the trailer confirms any of the footage seen in the leak previously, especially a glimpse at what could be a character named Abby performing a gruesome kill on an important character. It’s unclear how this will all play out when the game releases, as the new footage doesn’t confirm anything, unfortunately. There’s an overall sense of foreboding and Ellie’s need for revenge, and that’s about it. 

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