Since being accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women and being fired by NBC, Lauer has been laying low at his Hamptons home. Soon after being fired, Lauer was kicked out of the family home by his then-wife, Annette Roque, and the couple soon filed for divorce after 20 years of marriage. 

This wasn’t the first time Annette had tried to file for divorce. 

In 2006, she claimed in court divorce documents that Matt had committed “cruel and inhumane acts” against her. Annette withdrew the papers when Lauer allegedly offered her $5 million to stay in the marriage so as to maintain his public image. However, this time, the divorce stuck and the couple split their four properties. 

Annette reportedly received an additional lump sum of $25 million. 

While that sounds like a lot of money, keep in mind that Lauer was paid more than $25 million a year for his job on Today. In fact, his net worth is reportedly somewhere between $60 and $80 million. So even after a hefty divorce settlement, he should be OK.

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