“Brace yourselves for a fun ride,” Neely teased to Distractify (via phone) about the drama and showmances audiences will see transpire over the 2019 summer months. 

“There was absolutely a lot of drama, but also a lot of fun. There was definitely some romance thrown in there. I just think it’s gonna be a fun ride for everybody that watches. We certainly had so much fun filming it.”

As a counselor at Camp Getaway, you are there to make the guests happy, and that is something that is emphasized throughout the season. And, Neely revealed that sometimes the attendees would ask for the most elaborate and insane things.

“I can’t reveal too much, but what I will say is we would get guests that didn’t realize that they weren’t at an all-inclusive resort where you had personal people attending to you and would ask for fancier alcohol or fancier wine or get them eggs at two in the morning.”

She continued: “We definitely got some requests that were a little bit out of the ordinary and I think my wildest one was [someone] asking for eggs and shrimp in a bathroom. Somebody asked some of the guys for male strippers … The weird requests, you can’t even imagine.” 

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