In addition to the show, Leah also owns her own streetwear company called Married to the Mob. According to the brand’s website, it is designed for women, by women, and is “the embodiment of the intersection of feminine and feminist.”

This is striking people as interesting, because Leah’s currently coming under fire for being against the #MeToo movement — and anti-girl power in general.

In an op-ed she wrote for Penthouse, where she contributes regularly, she discusses “toxic femininity” and accuses Asia Argento and Rose McGowan of using the #MeToo movement for personal gain.

She criticizes Rose for “a display of chronic, predatory narcissism,” and says because Asia had a “consensual” sexual relationship with Harvey Weinstein, she wasn’t raped.

Leah also launched a YouTube series called “#MeNeither” with journalist Nancy Rommelmann, but the episodes have since been removed.

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