The viral challenge originally began when TikTok user @Sioned69 posted a video, which has since been liked more than 269,000 times. In it, she and her and her partner perform an ab challenge to the Vengaboys song “Up & Down.” One participant lies on the ground and uses their knees to hold the second person up in the opposite direction. 

The quick repetition of the lyrics “up and down” indicate whether the person on the bottom does a sit-up, or lies back down. 

After repeating the sit-up move several times, the top person then slides down and mimes a crawl. In @Sioned69’s video, she ends the routine by doing a somersault to the ground. 

The #UpAndDownChallenge has been viewed more than 331 million times, and celebrities have even gotten in on the fun too. Singer Olly Murs participated in the challenge with his girlfriend, and he posted the results on his Instagram page. 

Because the exercises performed in the Up and Down Challenge go very quickly and place an emphasis on the knees and the wrists, many users have hurt themselves while trying to record the video.

Unfortunately, several of the injury videos have become some of the more popular Up and Down Challenge videos. 

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