Following his split Trisha, the bassist and singer for The Mavericks struggled with opiate addiction, and was eventually kicked out of the group in 2014. 

Shortly after he was “fired” from the band, his wife Angie Crabtree Reynolds, who worked at the Grand Ole Opry, passed away in 2015 after a 12-year-long battle with cancer. 

Robert opened up about his addiction in 2018, telling Entertainment or Die, “Between 2007 and 2014 I was progressively self-medicating all of my hurts. I had a longing to be that group of guys with a singular vision… That’s not realistic, I know, but it’s my nature to hold on to the past. So between 2007 and my departure in 2014, so much had happened to the foundation of my life, and I began to self-medicate. It was gradual but it was no less destructive.” 

According to Heavy, Robert went on to release new music in 2017 and today he is living in Indiana with his girlfriend Michelle, and the couple sells art on Etsy

And Robert credits Michelle for putting him on the right path. “Who has been helpful to me? The list is long but let me mention Michelle, of course,” he said. “She has stood beside me on the darkest nights, and I mean dark, dark nights.”  

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