A quick scroll through his IMDb page reveals that BD has been extremely prolific and hardworking since he first received media attention for his role as Song Liling in 1988’s Broadway production of M. Butterfly, which earned him a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play, as well as other industry-coveted prizes.

BD is openly gay and has been out for as long as he’s been acting. SVU fans will realize he has this in common with his character, Dr. George Huang, but the actor had his reservations with Huang’s on-screen coming out.

In an interview with NPR, he called the move “a little cheap” and “kind of lazy,” and he kind of has a point. “I was also kind of torn because, you know, it’s positive,” he said on The Cooler podcast. “But it did feel a little convenient or kind of lazy or, you know, kind of not particularly the best way that you want to come out as a character.”

“It wasn’t a great thing that was really impactful and funny or human or whatever; it was just kind of a minor point made,” he continued, adding that he had never been informed his character was gay in the ten and a half years he’d been playing him.

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