Sinister (May 1st)

A horror author moves into a haunted house (in which all of the previous families have died) and gives him some serious, let’s say, inspiration.

Mrs. Serial Killer (May 1st)

The bodies of six women are found and a doctor is convicted of the crime. His wife is willing to do anything to prove that he is innocent.

Hangman (May 6th)

Al Pacino tries to find a serial killer whose MO is based on the child’s game Hangman.

House At The End Of The Street (May 8th)

Jennifer Lawrence plays a girl who moves into a new house with her mom and finds out her new neighbor is a young girl who killed her parents, and she doesn’t seem to want to stop there.

Friday the 13th Part III & IV (May 1st)

The third and fourth installations of a classic horror movie series.

Pathology (May 1st)

A group of doctors all compete to see who can commit the perfect crime using their skills and knowledge of forensic science.

The Conjuring (May 1st)

Based on a true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, two paranormal researchers document their most terrifying case yet.

Into The Dark: Delivered (May 8th)

Hulu’s horror series’ newest installment is based on a pregnant woman who is kidnapped by another woman who wants to steal her baby. It turns out, this was not the first time she has done this.

The Lodge (May 8th)

A highly anticipated movie, The Lodge is about a woman who goes on a trip with her boyfriend and his kids. When he goes out in a snowstorm to get supplies, the kids are left alone with the woman, who was the only survivor of a mass cult suicide. And that’s the *least* strange thing about her.

Arkansas (May 1st)

This star-studded thriller is about a drugpin who tries to get two of his henchmen back in line after they decide they don’t want to follow the rules anymore.

A Cadaver Christmas (May 1st)

This cheesy horror homage to movies of the 1980s is about a janitor working at a university on Christmas when all of the cadavers come back to life looking for blood.

Come to Daddy (May 22nd)

Elijah Wood stars as a son reconnecting with his father who lives on an island with many skeletons in his closet. Quite literally, it seems.

The Vast of Night (May 29th)

Two workers at a radio station discover an unknown frequency, and what they uncover is otherworldy.

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