Despite being best friends and music partners, Nicky’s struggle with addiction proved too much for Daddy Yankee to handle, and he distanced himself from Nicky following his 2002 arrest. 

In 2004, Yankee called out Nicky on his remix of the Fat Joe song, “Lean Back” accusing Nicky of getting his courage from the 30 pills of Percocet he was popping a day. Nicky responded with his own diss track, telling Yankee that he was the one who taught him how to sing and dress, among other things. 

Shortly after that Yankee’s popularity soared with the release of his reggaeton anthem “Gasolina.” 

“Yankee felt like he was like my father. I took it too seriously and made a whole song for him,” Nicky explained to Billboard of his beef with Yankee. “That wasn’t a good choice, because he came with [2004 Billboard Hot 100 smash] ‘Gasolina.’ [I] looked stupid. He went his way, I went my way — and ­obviously my way didn’t go very well.”

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