Thunderstorm comes from a musical family on the shores of Oahu. His father, Ron Artis, was a Motown singer and performed the keyboards on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” according to Hawaii News Now. Thunderstorm’s family band consisted of his dad and his siblings: Ron, Stephanie, Victor, Stevon, PraiseJesus, Spirit, Martis, Kailua, Artis and America.

He was part of their family band and would perform at their father’s art gallery, which attracted tourists from all over the world. According to his bio, his father passed away suddenly after suffering a heart attack, and Thunderstorm started singing as a method of grieving. He later performed with his brother until he went solo. 

Thunderstorm’s music genre includes folk, rock, soul, and country, and is often known to jump into renditions of Elton John or the Beatles are his concerts, according to his ArtistEcard Bio.

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