After 10 years, it all comes down to this moment …

The Season 8 finale forces Carrie to make the hardest decision of her life. If she betrays Saul, she will save herself and possibly prevent World War III. 

In the end, Carrie gives up Saul’s Russian spy Anna (Tatyana Mukha) to Yevgeny (Costa Ronin), and the flight recorder is “found.” Though Saul survives, he lost both his prodigy and asset.

Fast forward two years later, viewers see Carrie living in Moscow with Yevgeny. Yes, they are in a “relationship.”

In a shocking turn of events, we now understand why the former CIA operative left her daughter behind… she is now Saul’s mole. Surprisingly, Carrie went back to her roots as a spy and is now feeding Russian intel to her mentor.

So, did Saul forgive Carrie for betraying him and compromising his Russian asset?  

“I don’t think the other wound [i.e., Carrie’s complicity in Anna’s death] will ever be healed,” showrunner Alex Gansa told TVLine. “But when Saul looks up at the camera at the end I think you get this sense that he is surprised one more time by this protégé of his and that relationship is on the way to being repaired at some level.” 

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