Clearly, Darcey’s got a thing for international love affairs with younger men. Her new partner is Bulgarian hottie Georgi Rusev, whom she reportedly met on social media.

Georgi is 32 years old and apparently, a massage therapist, fitness trainer, and model. (Is anyone else having flashbacks to Sasha from Season 7?

Unlike Darcey’s past public flings, Georgi lives on American soil, making it easier for the two to spend quality time together. He’s just outside of D.C., in the Arlington, Virginia area. 

Georgi’s Insta bio links to Home Spa Therapy, which offers all types of at-home services in the DC and Maryland area. He’s also pictured alongside famous clients including Vanessa Williams.

Maybe she chose right this time, because Georgi’s website bio says, “I believe that exceptional massage is an essential part of a whole well-being… I have created a sequence of beautiful movements for a full body flow that you can find in my signature massage.”

Go ahead now, Darcey!

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