For some reason, the name Carmen Electra is synonymous with Dennis Rodman. While the two were only married less than a year, their relationship is one thing people can’t seem to forget about her. Carmen is an actress, model, singer, and dancer. In fact, she began her professional career as a singer when she moved to Minneapolis and partnered up with Prince, who produced her first album in 1993. In 1996, she started modeling, and soon after she moved to LA where she joined the cast of Baywatch

Carmen played Lani McKenzie on the show for a year. After she left Baywatch, Carmen appeared in many shows and movies, including 2001’s Get Over It,  Staci in Starsky & Hutch in 2004, a memorable part in Scary Movie 4, and most recently she played Tia in an episode of Alone Together in 2018. Since then, though, Carmen has been mostly off the grid. She does update her Instagram pretty frequently, recently posting a photo from her 48th birthday.

But really: What was up with Carmen Electra’s relationship with Dennis Rodman?

Carmen and NBA player Dennis Rodman dated in 1998, during the same period Carmen’s mother died of brain cancer. Two weeks later, Carmen lost her older sister to a heart attack. Retrospectively, Carmen says that she coped with her major losses by recklessly marrying Dennis. The two got hitched in Las Vegas at Little Chapel of Flowers, and nine days later, Dennis filed for an annulment declaring he was of “unsound mind.” They got back together and celebrated New Year’s as husband and wife, but split for good four months later.

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In 2014, Carmen told Oprah for her series, “Where Are They Now?” that the marriage “happened so fast.” She said, “And I remember right after, I felt like, ‘Oh God, what did we do? What did we just do?'” Carmen was initially attracted to Dennis because he was fun to be around. “Dennis was the life of the party. He was fun. I started drinking. People couldn’t understand why I loved him. Because he had a reputation for being a bad boy. What I saw in the beginning was this sort of gentle giant.” 

But after the death her mom and sister, Carmen says that she “just went into self-destruction,” which explains why she got married so hastily even though she knew her relationship with Dennis was volatile. Carmen added, “Our relationship was very passionate. So when it was good, it was amazing. When it was bad, it was the worst.” 

Is Carmen Electra currently dating anyone?

We know that in 2003, Carmen married Dave Navarro, who’s the lead guitarist for Jane’s Addiction. The two even had their own reality show called ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen and Dave. They split up three years later. 

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In 2008, she announced that she was engaged to Rob Patterson, a member of metal band Otep, but the couple broke up in 2012. Carmen is now allegedly single, but she did post this cute video of herself and Ryan Edge (an influencer and window tint company owner). Someone commented “Cute. Together,” but it’s unclear if they’re in a relationship.

We haven’t seen the last of Carmen, and she’s certainly not letting her relationships define her. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter, where she frequently updates with photos, videos, and plenty of #tbts. 

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