When the Church of Satan presents itself as the voice of reason, we know things have gotten especially weird. Recently, a slew of conspiracy theories based on the idea that musician and pop icon Lady Gaga is a Satanist have made their way around the internet. The theory was endorsed by a viral Twitter thread, and has seemed to gained traction with the ultra conservative group. Twitter user Tommy G., who mainly uses his platform to share his right-wing political views, was the one who started a 33-part thread detailing why Lady Gaga is Satan’s puppet. 

Uh, why do people think Lady Gaga is a Satanist?

Tommy G. presented his case to his followers, starting with, “It takes about 3 seconds on google to tie Gaga to satanism. So I won’t waste ur time w 20 parts on how symbolic all her current performances are, but instead I’ll try & bring out some stuff maybe u haven’t seen or don’t know about her.” He then dives in and gives “examples” that prove Gaga’s affiliation with Satan, including her role as a vampire in one of the seasons of American Horror Story, that the name “Gaga” is meant to brainwash people, and that she is part of the Illuminati. 

The tweet, which was posted April 19, has over 4,000 retweets and almost 9,000 likes. The engagement around this theory got so out of control, the Church of Satan stepped in, tweeting, “It takes about 3 seconds on google to see that none of these examples have anything to do with Satanism, so we won’t waste your time with 20 parts explaining how this makes you look like an ignorant conspiracy theorist.” BOOM.

Still though, the Twitterverse continues buzzing about Lady Gaga’s Satanic tendencies. Users are posting videos that have been clearly edited, as well as literal scenes from American Horror Story: Roanoke in which she plays a witch. They also think she eats children (guys, this was a storyline in American Horror Story: Hotel, and she didn’t eat them, she drank their blood, okay?).

Even before Tommy G’s rant, right-wing extremists have been accusing Gaga of her relations with Satan as well as promoting other conspiracy theories such as the World Health Organization actually being a mafia and the culprit behind COVID-19. People are also linking Lady Gaga with artist Marina Abramovic, who they believe is a Satanist too, because why not? (For the record, Marina has addressed the rumors and would like everyone to know that she is an artist, not a Satanist.) 

Oh, and the One World: Together at Home concert? Supposedly that was a ploy to spread the word about Satan’s teachings. 

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