The mother of four recalled being told at an early age that image is everything. “I was raised in the ’50s. I was taught by my father [actor Henry Fonda] that how I looked was all that mattered, frankly,” Jane shared in a 2011 interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

“He was a good man, and I was mad for him, but he sent messages to me that fathers should not send: ‘Unless you look perfect, you’re not going to be loved.'”

For the next four decades, Jane struggled with an eating disorder. “I wasn’t very happy from, I would say, puberty to 50?” she confessed. “It took me a long time [to love myself].” Unfortunately, her newfound confidence has led to some regret.

“On one level, I hate the fact that I’ve had the need to alter myself physically to feel that I’m ok,” the highly regarded political activist said in the 2018 HBO documentary Jane Fonda in Five Acts. “I wish I wasn’t like that.… I wish I was braver. But I am what I am.”

In her chat with Harper’s Bazaar, Jane acknowledged, “I’m vain. My arms are thin, but I’m vain about loose flesh. And so I’m careful that what I wear will show off my best parts, which are my waist and my butt.” Well, her stylist is certainly doing a kickass job. 

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