The fitness industry is also taking a huge hit as gyms all over the country are being forced to shut down as a result of COVID-19’s spread. All 448 of the company’s clubs have been shut down, but some anonymous insiders are saying that the massive gym chain may just close up shop for good, as the massive financial hits they’ve taken during the pandemic could be too costly to endure.

Like Neiman Marcus, it seems like folks are also unhappy with some of the financial decisions 24-Hour Fitness has made. I remember once trying to sign up at a location, and the sales associate at the gym kept upping the monthly cost on me. When I called it was $50, when I went in to try out the gym it was $60, then when I came back to sign both myself and my younger brother up, he jacked the price up to $70 a month.

So I’m not really surprised that the gym continued to automatically charge members during the coronavirus pandemic. Neiman Marcus, in addition to selling $60-plus frozen collard greens, sold Cadillac XLRs and private Elton John Concerts in its holiday shopping guide … I’m not kidding.

Maybe they should’ve followed Planet Fitness’ model of over-signing-up customers they know have no intention of going to the gym anyway with $10 a month sign-ups that don’t make too much of a dent in your bank account? Looks like people enjoy the lunk alarm enough to help keep the “feel good” gym afloat.

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