Set in an alternate America, Code 8 follows the story of superpowered individuals who are forced to live in poverty and are discriminated against because of their abilities. The sci-fi film (which is now on Netflix) stars Robbie Amell as a guy named Connor Reed who is labeled as a Class 5 Electric. 

The fired construction worker, who is able to absorb and produce electrical currents, is struggling to help pay his mom’s medical bills as she is suffering from cancer. 

Connor eventually gets sucked into the world of illegal drug trafficking and joins a gang of superpowered criminals. Throughout the film, there are references to the different characters’ powers. Keep reading to find out more about the power classes in the sci-fi film.

Here’s what to know about Netflix’s ‘Code 8′ characters’ power classes.

Though it’s not specified in the film, Garrett (Stephen Amell) has the power of telekinesis meaning he is able to move objects with his mind.

In an interview with Collider, the Arrow star talked about how he figured out how to convey his powers on-screen. 

He explained: “The first day of filming the full length trailer, where you see me use my mind to take a light bulb and give it to Robbie, I didn’t know how my powers worked or what that would look like I just remember turning to Jeff and going, ‘Look man, I have an idea. Let’s assume that, as telekinetic, I’m right handed, so my right hand will be back and my left hand will be forward …You just have to promise me one thing.’ He said, ‘What’s that?’ And I said, ‘Don’t make me look stupid.'”

Source: Netflix

Stephen added, “But it was really cool because Robbie is an electric in the movie, so he created what an electric looks like and how an electric uses their powers. And as a telekinetic, I did the same thing.”

One character that you meet in Garrett’s gang is Freddie (Vlad Alexis), who is classed as a Brawn. He has the ability of super strength and is able to pick up and throw heavy materials. 

Another member of Garrett’s gang is his girlfriend Maddy (Laysla De Oliveira) who is a Pyro (pyrokinetic), meaning she can control heat. 

In the film Connor also meets the leader of the drug ring Marcus Sutcliffe (Greg Bryk). The drug pin is a Reader, which means he can hear people’s thoughts. A young girl named Nia (Kyla Kane) is sadly indebted to Marcus and is hooked on the drug Psyke. Nia is a registered Healer, who can help heal a person’s sickness or injuries.

Source: Netflix

Though the film leaves a few unanswered questions, luckily it has been rebooted into a TV series on the new app Quibi. The sequel show will be set a few years following the events of the film and will follow Connor and Garrett teaming up to take down Lincoln City’s corrupt cops.

You can stream Code 8 on Netflix now. 

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