Interestingly enough, this isn’t Lydia’s first time on a reality show. She also appeared on a British reality show called The Magaluf Weekender (which was later renamed Ibiza Weekender). While she was on the show, another cast member named Jordan proposed to her! They didn’t get married, though. Actually, the whole proposal thing seemed like it was mostly played for a joke.

When she’s not getting fake engaged on reality shows, the 22-year-old works as a ring girl for boxing and MMA matches. While the job is certainly demanding, she seems to really enjoy her work. “Isn’t it crazy that we watch people get punched in the face for entertainment?” she wrote in a recent Instagram caption.

“We spend money to watch, we get paid to work at events and we place bets on who can knock the other one out sooner? Humans will forever be a questionable species, but regardless, I love it! Working in boxing and MMA isn’t just my job, but my hobby.” Hey, we all need hobbies. Even better if we get paid for it, too!

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