While there’s never a shortage of drama or catfights on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, a big squabble has been occurring behind the scenes for one of the stars. Makeup artist and CEO Sierra Gates joined the show in Season 6, and her relationship with ex-husband, rapper Shooter Gates, was a central storyline during her debut season. 

In Season 9, Sierra is in hot water for allegedly harming a woman who was pregnant with Shooter’s child in 2017. While Sierra is facing legal drama on the show because of her actions resulting from her husband’s infidelity, she’s dealing with even more drama off the show. 

Back in January of 2020, it was reported that Sierra’s then-14-year-old daughter got into a physical altercation at her school. The person who apparently fought the teen was actually the mom of one of her classmates. 

In the months since the reported attack, stories have circulated about Sierra’s daughter and the various sides of the altercation.

Sierra from Love and Hip Hop has defended her daughter after she allegedly got involved in a fight. Find out all of the details of the interaction, and how the reality star has handled all the rumors. 

Details on Sierra from ‘Love and Hip Hop’ and her daughter’s fight.

On Jan. 22, 2020, it was reported that a fight had occurred in the bathroom of North Atlanta High School while many students were eating lunch. Per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Sierra’s daughter, Paris, was attacked after a classmate allowed her mother, Treon F. Ponder, into the bathroom.

Both the other student and her mother allegedly attacked Paris, and it was caught on video. Shortly after the altercation, Ian Smith, a spokesperson for the high school, confirmed that an investigation was ongoing. 

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“The Atlanta Public Schools Police Department is investigating a physical altercation that occurred at North Atlanta High School, allegedly involving two students and the parent of one of the students. The parent was inappropriately provided access to the building by the student,” the statement read.

On Jan. 23, Treon Ponder turned herself in after she learned that there were three misdemeanor warrants out for her arrest. 

At the time of the incident, Sierra spoke to Channel 2, a local news station in Atlanta, about how she felt that her daughter’s safety was compromised.

“I was heartbroken. I’ve been crying all day. To see that her safety is not assured at school is very scary to me,” the reality star said. 

It was also reported that Sierra’s daughter had a black eye and scratches on her face as a result of the fight. 

Sierra allegedly took her daughter out of the public school, and she is now enrolled in a private Christian institution. 

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