Benito has impersonated the Kardashians plenty of times, especially keeping up to date with everything, but when he shared a teaser of the video on his Instagram, the Kardashian sisters all commented on the video. 

“OMG this is the best,” Kim wrote in the comment section. “I f-cking love you,” Khloe said. Kourtney wrote “Kendall, would it fill you to put on some f-cking makeup?!” 

There was no comment from Kris, so we’ll update you on that later.

A few highlights on the video were the hair and makeup, especially Benito wearing the Kris Jenner wig. He also nailed Kourtney’s tone of voice and facial expressions while saying things like, “Kim is just being really rude” and “Mason is turning 10 for the 12th year in a row.”  LOL.

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