“I’m not going to lie, OK? I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I’m currently not speaking to two of my three kids right now. I’m not talking to two of them,” she confessed to her co-host. “Just because we’re all in the same boat together, right?” The matriarch got visibly upset when she broached the topic, revealing that her kids “won’t hug” her because they don’t want to risk it.

“I haven’t gotten to hug my parents. I want to hug my parents. I miss hugging my parents,” she added. “And my kids, like, won’t hug me. And I’m like, ‘Guys, we’ve all been in lockdown together. We’re fine. You can give me a hug. It’s fine.’” 

Kelly and husband Mark Consuelos have three children together: Michael, 22, Lola, 18, and Joaquin, 17.

After becoming emotional on-air (which we don’t blame her), Kelly apologized to viewers and her co-host. “Maybe I’m just going to get my period, who knows?” she said. “Sorry, sorry. Sometimes we forget that we’re on … Did I shout that, or did my inner monologue come out? Sorry, didn’t mean to do that.”

Seriously, we totally relate!

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