If you’re not a die-hard TikTok fan, there’s a good bit of drama you’ll likely miss when you log onto the app. For instance, there’s allegedly been a scandal involving a few of the app’s notable influencers, who have allegedly been hacking into smaller accounts and selling them for money.

The scandal has rocked some of the aspiring influencers on the app, exposing some of their favorites as players in the hacking ring. Some are claiming TikTok stars like naomiibrook, whose real name is Naomi, are in on the scam.

Naomi was involved in a hacking scandal.

Allegedly, the influencer is involved in a group that hacks into and sells other, smaller influencers’ accounts. This information came to light when @therealsisterbryana posted on Instagram about her account getting hacked into. Bryana claims that Naomi and Jazzi (@jazzigang on Instagram) offered to protect her account from hackers, something Bryana admitted she was afraid of happening.

Apparently, this has happened to a few influencers beyond Bryana, who are slowly coming forward to share their story. Bryana has been sharing screenshots of their conversations, highlighting how the whole scandal went down.

“There’s a secret ring of Instagram influencers that are going around hacking people’s pages and selling it for money,” she said in one video. “What’s even beyond worse or sick is that they also hack emails and they scam people like they scam my fans.”

The girls, along with a few others, would reportedly convince the smaller influencers to give them their passwords to protect their accounts and then hack into their other accounts, selling them and attempting to scam the influencers’ fans out of money as well. Bryana claims they exploited her as a smaller influencer to earn extra money and negatively affected her budding career in social media.

Naomi’s only response so far has been a claim that she was also hacked, sharing an IGTV video of a conversation with someone who says they’re going to hack into and sell all of her accounts, though most of Naomi’s followers don’t believe it.

“[You’re] ALREADY CANCELED SIT THE F–K DOWN,” one user commented, while another said, “No one cares if you are hacked, you did the same thing, karma.”

The drama has also crept onto her TikTok page, where she has recently been inactive. Her most recent video, which was posted three days ago, is filled with comments of people calling her out for allegedly hacking Bryana and others. 

She has yet to fully address these rumors, so it’s unclear what the outcome of this will be.

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