Leah McSweeney joined the cast of Real Housewives of New York in March but she is already hailed as Bethenny Frankel’s perfect replacement.

The 37-year-old New Yorker amazed viewers with her no-nonsense approach and insatiable thirst for drama. Her distaste for romantic relationships — according to The Cut, she finds them oppressive — and her progressive parenting style made RHONY fans like her all the more. So, what’s Leah’s family life like? What should we know about her daughter?

Meet KiKi, Leah McSweeney’s 12-year-old daughter.

Kier Marie (Kiki) is Leah’s only daughter. According to a legendary tale the star shared in an interview with The Observer, Kiki was conceived during the 2006 New York Fashion Week. 

The event marked new beginnings in Leah’s private and professional life alike. It was the first time she and then-boyfriend Rob Cristofaro had the chance to present their latest venture, Married to the Mob, and it also marked a new chapter for them as a family. 

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Leah founded Married to the Mob with the $75,000 worth of compensation she received after a run-in with the NYPD. Upon leaving a concert at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom, the police ushered away Leah’s date without an explanation. 

Overcome with anger, she threw a bottle in the police officer’s direction, semi-accidentally hitting him on his back. In response, the policeman punched her, slamming her face against the subway gates. She lost a tooth. 

She took NYPD to court, and a few years later, she was compensated with enough money to start a fashion brand. 

In 12 years, Leah managed to turn the small but ambitious project into a prominent label. She made collaborations with Wu-Tang and ILoveMakonnen, and blue-chip companies like Reebok, Nike, and Lacoste. However, none of this does she seem to be as proud of as she is her daughter. 

Kiki features in some of Leah’s wildest anecdotes. In a recent interview with People, the RHONY star revealed that she could never muster the courage to divulge her brief encounter with the police to her daughter. 

The incident marked her first foray into the world of stardom — which was covered by outlets like The Daily Mail, Radar Online, and Time — but she couldn’t bring herself to talk about it with her daughter. 

The strange experience remained a tightly locked secret for a good few years. That is, until Kiki came across her mother’s mugshot on Google Image Search while preparing for a school project. As to her response? As Leah told the outlet, Kiki received the news with the nonchalance of a true New Yorker. 

“I guess for a school project she needed a photo of me, and she Googled me, which I should have told her never to do that. And she was basically like, ‘Mom, why do you have a mugshot?'” Leah told People. 

“She doesn’t think anything of it […] She’s like her mom, in that sense. Not much phases us New Yorkers,” she added. 

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