It might actually be a little therapeutic to be playing a game about pandemics during a pandemic. Seriously, sales for Pandemic have gone sky high since the COVID-19 pandemic started. But if you can’t play your board game with your friends right now (and you’re really, really, really tired of playing it with your roommates already) you can play it online

One note: this is a pass-and-play multiplayer. While this online version of the board game calls itself multiplayer, you can’t actually invite people around the world to play with you. But that’s where Zoom comes in. Just set the game up on your laptop or mobile device and set the number of players to the number of people calling in. Share your screen and, when it’s your friends’ turns to play, make the moves they tell you to make. You can also call in on a different device as well so that your friends can actually see you, but that’s up to you. 

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