The best part of a very scary time is seeing our local and global communities come together. For most of us, all we can do to combat the Coronavirus fear is stay home and stay away from others while we attempt to “flatten the curve”. While it’s initially fun to be stuck at home with nothing to do (hello catching up on sleep) it gets boring after a few days. Entertainment companies have stepped up, like Universal releasing ‘The Invisible Man’ and ‘The Hunt’ to video on demand services Friday, months ahead of schedule.

Now Shudder is helping to ease the Coronavirus Cabin Fever by offering a free month of the horror streaming service to fans!

Shudder is a streaming service that focuses on having a wide catalog of popular and hidden gems in the horror, thriller, and suspense dramas. They have forgotten classics of the genre as well as independent movies and TV series. If you’re a horror fan stuck inside for a few weeks, Shudder will keep you from getting bored.

You can get a month (!) of free Shudder by using the code SHUTIN.

Some of my favorite horror classics streaming on Shudder right now include:

Better Watch Out
Ginger Snaps
Secret Window
Prom Night
The Fog
Season of the Witch
The Devil’s Rejects
The Taking Of Deborah Logan
Hell House LLC
Tigers Are Not Afraid
The Love Witch (one of my personal favorites!!)
Slumber Party Massacre
Halloween 4
Halloween 5
The Collector
Wolf Creek (tv series)
Channel Zero: The Dream Door

They also have cool movie collections like “Trapped” which are all movies about being shut in at home… sound familiar? To a horror fan like me, this is the perfect way to ease my anxiety and spend time immersing myself in a world that’s a little less scary than what’s going on IRL right now.

You can sign up for Shudder here. Remember to use code SHUTIN to get your free month.

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