Any longtime fan of Britney Spears knows that the singer has struggled with mental health issues for nearly a decade, and most recently the singer sparked growing concern from her social media followers after she posted a questionable video to her Instagram account. 

In a video shared on her personal page on Feb. 26, the pop princess is seen talking directly to her followers in a British accent.

While some may think the singer is having a bit of fun, others voiced their concern for her seemingly erratic behavior and questioned the state of her mental health.  

“I’ve never heard something so loud before in my life …. I felt like I was in a zoo !!!!! Such a cool day !!!! PS if you’re a bird then I’m a bird too …. pssss I get to be loud too wheeeee !!!!!” she captioned the video. 

She was previously shown speaking in a British accent before being committed to a Los Angeles Psych Ward (via The Blast). 

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