One of the most common ways to express ourselves is through our appearance. Our clothes, our hair, and our accessories all tell a story about who we are. The icing on the cake of character is our makeup. We can accentuate our features, tie in the colors of our outfit, or bring a look together with the perfect pop of pigment. There are so many aspects of the face that we can use to express ourselves, but the feature that talks for you without having to speak is your eyes. When putting together a look, don’t rely on just bright lipstick to give you some flare; dress up your eyes and make them features at which to stare!

As popularized by the show Euphoria, face jewels are just the thing to make you stand out from the crowd. Even the simplest of gemmed styles will make your eyes sparkle literally and metaphorically.

You don’t have to buy a ton of funky eyeliners. If you have lip liner, put it on your eyes and suddenly it becomes eyeliner. Create sophisticated monochromatic looks by using the same color on your eyes and lips, or mix them up when you’re in a fun and funky mood.

Note: Just make sure your lip liner is eye-safe, of course.

Who says your lids have to have all the fun? Use that bright color to draw attention to the inner corners of your eyes. Then on your lids, use a neutral color or sparkles like the example above. Just switching the color placement will switch up your whole look.

Are we ever going to look as flawless as NikkieTutorials? Probably not. But we can always try! This short clip gives you an idea of how to turn your eyebrows from drab to fab. Who know that could be possible?

This may look complicated, but it’s just a series of lines. If you can draw a straight line, you can give yourself a graphic liner look that will make people think that you must be some sort of social media celebrity.

Bring that color around the rim of your entire eye. The key here is to not go into the waterline of the lower lash to make sure that the top and bottom matches.

Add a pinch of glamor by adding a pinch of lower false lashes. If you are feeling up to the challenge, use individual lashes and place them in the middle and/or outer corners of your lower lashes to give that extra diva oomph.

Kiss your boring black mascara goodbye; it’s time to brighten up those lashes! You can buy colored mascara at any drug store, but if you are the crafty type, you can either melt colored eyeliner and apply it to the lashes, or you can apply clear mascara and then whatever color eyeshadow you want before the mascara dries.

This look is so simple but so stylish. Start on the inner corner of your eye and draw a liner on the very edge of the bone above your eye. Then, when you get to the other side, connect the outer corner of your eye to your crease line with one straight line, creating a cat-eye effect. You can use any color, but this bright color gives even more of a futuristic style. Add eyeliner under your eye if you want more color and definition.

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