Is the baby who plays Jack on This Is Us really blind too?

Though the adult version of Jack is played by a sight-impaired actor, the infants — yes, there are more than one — who play baby Jack are not blind. Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate, says, “The real baby is not seeing impaired. So it’s really about training your mind to narrate, or before something happens, to make sure that you’re explaining what’s going to happen as to not surprise the baby.”

It’s pretty typical for TV shows with infants to use multiple babies. Shoots can go pretty long and since babies are unpredictable, it’s much easier to swap one baby for another if one is crying when they need to be calm or vice versa. Also, due to strict child labor laws that apply to babies just as much as they do to older child actors, there are firm limits on how long a young actor can work each day.

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