Cody recites his vows and says, “Today is the day – the day where I get to marry my best friend. I always knew and hoped this day would come. It’s been a long three years and with that came laughter, love, excitement, and thrill and now it’s officially here and I’m nervous and I even have butterflies in my stomach. But it was all worth it because I get to marry this beautiful, amazing, talented, hilarious girl that is mine and now is mine for 24 hours.” 

He goes on to talk about how he is going to love and cherish Zoe “forever” but also vows to be there for her implicitly for the next 24 hours. Confused yet? Us too! In the video description, Cody explained that it’s all for fun. He wrote, “We wish this could be real, but we wanted to try it out. We’re too young, and definitely need more time. Just remember, one day it’ll actually happen.”

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