Diamond is a former NBA dancer and Carlton is a celebrity assistant on Real Housewives of Atlanta, meaning they’re both used to the spotlight. But when they meet up in real life, the sparks fizzle out quickly.

Things rapidly go downhill after Diamond calls out Carlton for teasing her as his way of flirting. It’s then that Carlton reveals he’s pansexual and was worried about that being a deal-breaker for her. It’s not that Diamond had a problem with his sexuality — she was more taken aback he hadn’t told her.

Unfortunately, the pair didn’t make it past the vacation phase of the show.

The other couples that have made it through the first five episodes include Cameron and Lauren, Kelly and Kenney, Gigi and Damian, and the weird love-square happening between Jessica, Mark, Barnett and Amber.

The fan favorite to make it to the end seems to be Cameron and Lauren, but from the looks of their Instagrams, the couple never made it down the aisle. They don’t follow each other, so they’re clearly not in contact anymore.

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