The current generation of gaming consoles are powerful, with some fantastic games to play on them. But that means we unfortunately have to deal with larger file sizes and slower downloads before we ever get to jump into our favorite games. Now, that wouldn’t be so bad – except sometimes, we end up dealing with some frustratingly slow speeds on Xbox One. Why are download speeds so slow on Xbox One? We’ve got some answers for you. 

Sometimes, your slow speeds can be resolved by a simple restart. Other times, you may need to close down extraneous software running in the background on your system. While there’s no way to know what the problem is without trying a few solutions first, we’ve got a variety of fixes you can try to get back up to speed. That way, you can at least say you made an effort, right? That’s better than doing nothing! Sit back, relax, and let’s get down with some troubleshooting. 

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