Yes, her loud personality and fearlessness played a role in her success, but you don’t gain a million subscribers just by being funny or outrageous. Looking back, it’s hard to tell what exactly led users to Tana’s early work in 2015, though she did help popularize the “storytime” style, which is categorized by long monologues delivered straight to camera.

Within her first year on the platform, Tana published overly dramatic videos with eye-catching titles like “My Creepy Stalker Story,” “I Cussed Out My Teacher,” and “Hairdresser From Hell?” People enjoyed her wacky stories and didn’t seem to care if they were real or not because she was so good at telling them.

As her views grew, she began to hang out with other YouTubers who had larger followings, such as Shane Dawson, which raised her profile even more. 

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