When Lisa pointed out that the former SUR bartender didn’t sound at all happy with herself, Ariana responded, “Well, I know that I’m not.” She later told the camera, “I had these big, huge life goals that I have achieved, like the house, the book. And I thought that was gonna fix me. But it didn’t change who I am.”

She mentioned that it might be time to start medication. “This undercurrent, this depression, is, I’m realizing, probably always going to be a part of me and a part of my life,” Ariana noted.

Lisa, whose older brother died by suicide in April 2018, encouraged the Florida native to seek help. “I experienced it a lot last year when I lost my brother. Nothing made sense to me,” the 59-year-old explained. “But you can do it. You’ve got this. You can rise to the challenge.”

In an Instagram post on Jan. 27, Ariana gave a shout-out to her support system. “Thinking about my fam today,” she wrote next to a photo of her mom and grandmother celebrating the launch of her and Tom’s cocktail book, “Fancy AF.” “Would be absolutely nothing and no one without them.”

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