In a heartbreaking interview on “The Breakfast Club” two years later, Styles and Adjua bravely discussed Tai’s suicide. “If we knew she was depressed she would’ve been home or with us,” the “Good Times” hitmaker, who was technically Tai’s stepfather, said. “Some things you can’t see because some people won’t tell you.”

According to the devastated parents, Tai had been struggling to fill a void left by her biological father, who wasn’t a part of her life. “It ate me up, because I couldn’t stop the pain,” Styles recalled of watching the young adult sort through her complicated feelings.

During a 2018 appearance on OWN’s Black Love docuseries, the D-Block Records co-founder and his wife opened up about how the suicide impacted their relationship. “That has been a total game-changer on our marriage,” Adjua confessed.

“I’ve always… heard from people, like, the loss of a child can really be a testament to the marriage, and most couples don’t always make it. And I’d be like, ‘Why? I would think it would bring them closer,'” Adjua, who also has a son with Styles, admitted. “And I can actually see that now… We’ve literally been forced to grow from that experience.”

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