Judy Rogg’s son, Erik Robinson, wasn’t as lucky as Draher. The 12-year-old died in 2010 after learning about the game at a Boy Scouts weekend retreat. “I missed him by a few minutes,” the grieving mom recalled, adding that Erik’s intricate slipknots prevented her from relieving the pressure around his neck. “It was every parent’s worst nightmare.”

After his passing, Rogg set up a non-profit charitable organization called Erik’s Cause, which offers “a non-graphic, skills-based educational module to teach students about the potential for injury and death” from pass-out activities. It also provides parents “with ways to broach discussions with their children about challenging topics.”  

Rogg wrote, “Had we known about [the game’s] dangers, we would have discussed it and I am confident that [Erik] never would have attempted to ‘play’ it… he would be alive today.”

We hope this trend of passing out on camera becomes a thing of the past very, very soon.

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