When we first met The Dark Passenger in 2013’s Season 1, she was a waitress at SUR who just wanted her boyfriend, Jax Taylor to stop cheating on her. They broke up early on in that first season, but he wouldn’t be the last bad boyfriend she’d have. Stassi then dated Frank (holy throwback) and then she quit SUR and went off the show for a while. Though she never put on her short SUR dress again, she returned to the restaurant to ask for Lisa’s forgiveness (and for an order of goat cheese balls). 

She was in a relationship with radio host Patrick Meagher, who constantly made her feel less intelligent. He didn’t want to appear on the show for a while, which contributed to her leaving too. After he hit on Lisa Vanderpump and embarrassed Stassi on national TV, she dumped him, much to the collective relief of viewers.

These days, Stassi is the bestselling author of Next Level Basic and she’s now engaged to Beau Clark, who was more than happy to support her on the show. Their Italian wedding is scheduled for October of 2020.

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