Dinner and a movie is a classic date, but for people whose movie preferences are less romantic and more horrific, choosing a good movie for a night of romance can be difficult. You want to have a night of love and passion but you want to have a movie filled with blood and slashin’. However, this Valentine’s Day, you can appease everyone; a little bit of horny and a little bit of horror.

In this remake of a classic 1981 slasher, Tom, a coal miner returns home on the 10th anniversary of a massacre that happened on Valentine’s Day. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s another killer on the loose! Or is it the same one?

Several hot girls who played a prank on a nerdy kid in 6th grade are suddenly the targets of his wrathful vengeance. Perfect if you are spending Valentine’s Day hating an ex.

On Valentine’s Day, two high schoolers, Jay and Hugh, have sex. Shortly after, Jay finds out Hugh had given her something worse than any STD; she is now being followed by a demon until she can pass it off to someone else. I bet she *wishes* it was herpes at this point.

A couple has a dinner party with all of their friends after not speaking to them for two years. At their lavish dinner, the hosts don’t offer any timeshare deals, but they do tell their guests about an organization called “The Invitation,” that is most definitely a cult despite what they say.

Narrated by the inner monologue of a zombie, this movie tells the classic tale of zombie-meets-girl-and-no-longer-wants-to-eat-girl-and-protects-her-in-the-zombie-apocalypse. So beautiful.

Not as suspenseful as some of the other picks, but it definitely has the blood and guts that you are looking for. With a super cool 1960s technicolor vibe, this movie stars a gorgeous witch who uses spells to make men fall in love with her but shortly finds out that the side effect of this potion is death.

A couple that kills together, stays together, especially if they are two demonized dolls. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

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