The bad news is that Quentin is very, very dead (still) and he’s not coming back. To recap, Quentin sacrifices himself to save not only his friends, but the entire world. The Monster kills him, and before Quentin is gone for good, he’s able to see his loved ones (from a distance) before being sent to the underworld. There is honestly no coming back from that…or is there?

The Magician fans seem to think so, and have formed a petition to get Quentin back on the show.  “He was the main character in the show and shouldn’t have deserved to be fully killed off… Such a mistake from the writers, this could cause the end of the show because I don’t see the show making it past Season 5 without Quentin,” the petition reads. The organizer, Harley Hallsworth, even suggests several plot lines that could bring Quentin back. 

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