Actor Sean Murray, who plays Timothy McGee, has been part of NCIS since the beginning. It has been rumored that he may not return for Season 17 of the series. During the current season, fans think the writers have been dropping hints at Timothy’s possible departure. 

In an episode titled “Once Upon a Time,” we see Timothy being recruited for a position at a tech firm known as Splendifida. And, though he has not yet taken the position, he has not rejected the company’s offer either. So, we’re all wondering: Will this storyline come up down in later episodes?

Knowing that rumors have been swirling regarding his departure from the popular TV show, Sean spoke with Cinemablend, telling the outlet, “You know, I think there could be other circumstances in which it would play out. But I also feel that during [Once Upon a Time], McGee kind of realizes that where he is is where he belongs, and it was the right decision for him to, take this career path.” 

He continued, “And I think he’s real happy with the people that he’s with, so I don’t think McGee’s going anywhere.”

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