Second of all, she then writes, “I do get that. But FIL is like…actively planning for my death. I don’t want that vibe in the delivery room.” Yeah, I would say you definitely don’t want that vibe. But it’s way worse than that at this point. In another response to a comment, OP writes that in their argument about the epidural, FIL said to her, “‘The only important part of delivery is a healthy baby,’ that medical intervention for the mother is inherently bad for the baby,” which is not true!! When she defended herself, saying her comfort was important, he said, “Your comfort in this process is irrelevant.”

Psychotic. I don’t know about you, but I’m at the point where I’m questioning what happened to FIL’s wife in the delivery room. Maybe it was his fault the whole time. Even if I’m getting away from myself, this story is horrifying. I can’t imagine how difficult her FIL is going to make her life after she lives through the birth and has a perfectly normal recovery. He’s going to resent her for the rest of her life (if he lets her live it!!!) for not giving her husband the same experience he had. These people are so broken, and I fear for her — one of the top causes of death for pregnant women in the U.S. is homicide. She needs to get out and save herself and her child from these dangerous men. 

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