In a sneak peek for the Jan. 16 episode, the camera pans over various employees sitting around the break room looking forlorn. Amy finally reveals, “I can’t believe Myrtle’s gone,” before Cheyenne adds, “Yeah, she was so sweet and lived through so much. Her e-mail address was from Yahoo!”

The Cloud 9 co-workers continue to reminisce about their beloved Myrtle by sharing stories of their encounters with her. “When I first hired Myrtle to be my assistant, she used to leave loose hot dogs on my desk every day,” Amy shares. “I think she’d though I’d asked for that. But she just really cared.”

“She did,” Glenn agreed. “And she was really getting a lot less racist toward the end.”

“She still called me Moana sometimes. But at least she saw the movie,” Sandra concedes. “Representation matters.”‘

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