He had a 4-year stint on General Hospital, where he played his nutrition-loving, effervescent self. In the early ’80s, he even had his own Emmy-award winning talk program, The Richard Simmons Show, and a food program called Slim Cookin. He was featured in various commercials too: Yoplait, Herbal Essences, and SportsCenter, who cast him as ESPN’s conditioning coach in 2007. He even hosted his own Sirius radio program, Lighten Up with Richard Simmons, between 2006 and 2008.

It seems like the man was everywhere, always popping up in the public eye, a happy beacon and reminder that getting into the shape you want and having a healthier lifestyle could be fun. So where did he go?

In 2016, the health guru held his final exercise session at his Slimmons gym. The business thrived for 42 years before Richard finally decided to call it quits.

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