But her family didn’t want her to go into the entertainment industry.

While we’re sure her family is proud of her for all of her achievements, Awkwafina admits that hip hop and acting was not the direction they hoped she would take.

“They’re just cool with it, they didn’t kick me out of the house or anything,” she told Jimmy. “But to this day my grandma’s like, ‘You’re not even acting, dude.’ Like she saw the trailer for Crazy Rich Asians, and she was like, ‘You’re not even acting, that’s just, like, you.'”

She said her dad hoped she would be an air traffic controller instead, but it clearly didn’t pan out that way.

Awkwafina won a Golden Globe for her performance Billi in The Farewell, but also had supporting roles in Ocean’s 8 and Crazy Rich Asians.

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