In a confessional, Syngin added that he won’t let Tania’s strong opinions on the matter sway him. “Something as big as having a child is something that I’m not gonna buckle [on],” he shared. “I will not, like, be under [pressure] and told when to have a child.”

The 29-year-old reiterated that kids are a long way off when asked about the subject on Instagram in November. “Well right now I don’t want a [child], but in the far future I would be happy with one, but it’s something I am yet to desire on,” he wrote in his stories.

Shortly after reports of their alleged split surfaced, Tania posted a photo of the duo on Instagram, though it had clearly been taken a while ago based on Syngin’s haircut. She hasn’t shared an image or video of them together for over a month. 

It’s been even longer since Syngin has written about the pair. His last picture with Tania was published on Oct. 31 and highlighted the moment the South African bartender told the camera, “I don’t think it’s realistic right now to have a child.” Things don’t look promising for these two.

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