The poet that unarguably took the internet by storm this decade was Rupi Kaur. Her books, Milk and Honey and The Sun and Her Flowers, were released this decade and flooded your Instagram feed, either as captions to photos of the short and punctuation-light poems.

It’s no surprise that Rupi was recognized as the Writer of the Decade by New Republic, considering the reach that her poetry had. But receiving this award has resurfaced the claim that Rupi plagiarized her work from another poet.

Rupi Kaur was accused of plagiarism — did she steal from a Tumblr poet?

After Milk and Honey initially went viral, people started noticing the similarities between her poems and those of poet Nayyirah Waheed. Nayyirah published her first book of poetry, titled Salt, in 2013 (one year before Milk and Honey was published), but frequently shared her own original poems on her Tumblr account.

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