Former child star Amanda Bynes has been trying to keep it very low lately, living at her parents’ house while putting her life together post-rehab. But while taking some time for herself, she shared a rare selfie on her new Instagram account — debuting some new face ink with it.

That’s right — Amanda Bynes just shared her new face tattoo to add to her collection she already has.

Amanda Bynes’ new face tattoo is of a heart.

Amanda only has 11 photos on her Instagram feed, and her debut snapshot showed off her newly pink hair and a septum piercing.

In the photo, posted on Dec. 31, it shows her now-faded pink hair tied back to show off a slightly-lopsided heart tattooed on her cheek. She has her septum piercing in, and it looks like her family is sitting at a table in the background. 

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