There’s nothing Anna Kendrick couldn’t make cool — including sweatpants, watching old reruns of Chopped, and secret relationships. 

Hold on, what’s the last one? Turns out, the star of Pitch Perfect, The Twilight Saga, and Up in the Air isn’t looking to date anybody — whether it be a star-status hockey player with dreamy hair, or else — because she has been in a relationship for the past five years or so. 

So, who is the mysterious man? Who is Anna Kendrick dating?  

Who is Anna Kendrick dating? Meet Ben Richardson, her boyfriend of five years. 

Anna was first introduced to Ben during the shooting of Drinking Buddies in 2013. 

In the movie, the actress played Jill, a twenty-something who goes on a hike with a friendly couple only to discover that her relationship with her fiancé was nowhere near as rock-solid as she previously assumed it to be. In no time, Jill falls for Chris (Ron Livingston) which unleashes chaos of an unprecedented scale. 

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