His ideal Christmas gift haul sounds like something that would be on a 13-year-old’s wish list, not an adult who’s old enough to have their Bachelor’s degree and start applying for full-time employment:

“No POP! Vinyls, no video games, no Google Play, PSN or Nintendo Network cards, no DVDs or Blu-Rays, and as the LEGO sets I get for Christmas go, this one is below-average size. I knew that my family would blow it this year.”

This is someone who has a STANDARD SIZE FOR “CHRISTMAS LEGOS”. Are there other holiday LEGO sizes we don’t know about? Is the one that he got a more appropriate size for Easter? Or a half-birthday? What really seals the deal for me is the Rick and Morty t-shirt – I think we know exactly what niche of fan this dude is: absolute man-child neckbeard.

As depressing as a post like this is for our collective species, Reddit came in to save the day with choice comments like the ones below.

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